Miss Universe Answers Questions Regarding Theory of Expanding Universe

Scientists convene worldwide to view simulcast.

HE NEW Miss Universe, Jimena Navarrete of Mexico, sat down with science reporters the day after winning this year's pageant to discuss the theoretical expansion of her domain, the Universe.

Q. Now that you are princess of the Universe itself, what are your thoughts regarding the theory that the Universe is expanding?

A. First, let me just say how truly thrilled, humbled, and honored I am to be named Miss Universe. I was up against some pretty tough competition! As far as a theory that the Universe is expanding, I haven't heard about that, but it sounds amazing! What's even more amazing is that a girl like me, with just a dream in her heart, could be sitting before you today, wearing the Miss Universe crown!!

Q. Physicists cite the redshift as proof that the Universe is expanding. What are your thoughts?

A. I believe that if the Universe wants to expand, we should not stand in its way, because here on earth we want people of all cultures and backgrounds to live to their full potential. I personally don't own a red shift, but maybe I should, considering I wore red when I was crowned Miss Universe 2010!!

Q. Scientists have said that an expanding Universe conforms nicely with Einstein's general theory of relativity. Do you agree?

A. If all the world's people felt related to each other, I believe we would not see so much war and violence. One of my missions during my year-long reign as your Miss Universe is to travel the world and meet people of different backgrounds and cultures. What we share in common is so much greater than our differences!

Q. The Universe is theorized to be expanding at a speed proportional to the distance of objects from each other. Does that sound like a reasonable calculation to you?

A. I think that we live in a world where speed is so important. But sometimes, if we can just take a walk, or read a book, or spend quality time with our loved ones, we will find that the simple pleasures of life are so very special. So I would say, "Slow down every now and then, and enjoy the moment!"

Q. Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share about the Universe, Miss Universe?

A. Yes I do! The reason our Universe expands could be because many of our children's waistlines are expanding, due to poor eating habits. My other mission as Miss Universe is to travel to countries where the children are overweight, and give them tips on eating better and exercising more. Because I believe that the children of the world are our future!!