There Are Two Americas: Elizabeth Edwards Sends John to the Other One

It's the America where you need to cut coupons and make much cheaper sex tapes.

ORMER presidential candidate John Edwards is living out the other side of the "two Americas" scenario he so often referred to in his campaign speeches, now that his estranged wife has cut him loose from the first America.

"John Edwards told me when he signed his lease that he is proud to be living in the second of two Americas he discussed throughout his campaign," says Bill Miller, landlord of Branford Arms, an inexpensive apartment complex about 25 miles from the sprawling ranch the Edwards built near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

"We have great amenities, don't get me wrong," added Mr. Miller. "We've got roomy one and two bedroom units, two washers and dryers in the basement, only 75 cents per machine—and you get a full hour with the dryers—a recreation room with ping pong and foosball, not to mention free off-street parking. No garages, sorry to say, but our weather's pretty good here, so it's not like John will have to scrape ice off his Ford Fiesta."

Fellow renters seem to have a generally positive opinion of their new neighbor. Janice McCollum, two apartments down in 121B, says that Mr. Edwards "seems very nice, although he kind of keeps to himself. There's a blonde gal who comes to stay every weekend, and as far as I can tell they're not making any sex tapes in there, although I can't say for sure. I mean, how would I know? It's none of my business, anyways."

Joe Branconi, the complex caretaker, thinks John Edwards "is a little quiet, but I guess he's kind of tired of the whole media spotlight and everything, so I can't blame the guy, really. Hey, he's not causing me any trouble, so I got no complaints."

Mr. Edwards missed the last monthly birthday celebration for renters, hosted by the management for Branford Arms tenants, but "he is more than welcome to attend come mid-February," said Mr. Miller. "It might cheer him up a little, and he's welcome to bring his lady friend. We have a projector for movies, too, but he's not allowed to show his sex tapes. That would violate the conditions of his lease. But if he's got something else to bring, like Groundhog Day or something, that would be just fine."

John Edwards signed a two-year lease at Branford Arms, and received the first month free as an incentive. Said Mr. Miller, "That free month really appealed to him. John told me it's not easy switching Americas, at least in the direction he did it."