Tiger Woods: 'There Might Be Something to This Humility Sh*t'

Golf pro tries on new personality to better his game.

Tiger Woods
photo credit: Keith Allison

ITH A FEW wins under Tiger Woods' belt in the 2012 season, the struggling golf champ has confided to an interviewer that "there might be something to this humility sh*t," admitting if his game continues to improve, he would "keep doing the humble-pie thing for the next couple of years or so."

Tiger watchers may have noticed much less of his aggressive fist pumping during matches, a strategy that Woods said in the interview "seems to be going over well with my fans, especially the ladies."

The champion golfer also said that his "serious good looks, as opposed to my kick-ass good looks" would be what Tiger fans could expect to see "until I start pushing everyone's name down the leader board and into golf oblivion."

Woods went on to describe the moment he realized he needed a change in his golf personality.

"I saw Phil [Mickelson] doing that commercial about how he suffers from this weird arthritis crap, and then the very next week he won at Pebble Beach, and I thought, 'Son of a bitch! I need a chronic disease!'" said Woods.

"But then I thought, nah, that's too close to Phil's gig. So I brainstormed," continued Woods, "and I came up with humble pie. How did I do that? I am a freaking genius, that's how."

Since employing his new approach on the links, Woods says he has added "sad eyes" and "hang-dog" to his repertoire, occasionally dubbing it "the winning trifecta," and sometimes even "the Neapolitan ice cream of Tiger," but usually just "the one, two, three punch-eroo."