Eliot Spitzer's Friends Happy to See Him Dating Prostitutes Again

The long, hard journey of atonement has finally ended for the lusty ex Gov.

RIENDS OF THE disgraced former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, say that his time spent in atonement for infidelities with a bevy of prostitutes has done him "a world of good."

"Eliot is almost back to his old, randy self again, being that he was kind of cooped up there for awhile," said one male friend of the ex Governor who wished to be identified only by the pseudonym "Lars."

"He isn't quite to the point of signing up with an agency yet," Lars cautioned, "but he's definitely shopping around, I can tell you that. It's really great to see Eliot with that little strut in his step again. We all missed that. Well, most of us."

Another friend, 23-year-old flight attendant "Jenny," says that the former Governor and Attorney General "is doing lots and lots of networking again."

"He especially loves all the new technology since he went 'underground,' shall we say," Jenny offered. "Like Twitter, and the new iPhone App, 'HookerUp.' He's a very quick study. Of course, he's highly motivated."

Although not yet officially considered a regular client of any illegal escort service, Mr. Spitzer has once again been seen slipping out the back doors of some of the finest hotels in Manhattan, a sure sign that his name will appear on numerous affidavits in future vice investigations.

"Eliot isn't one to sit on the bench for very long," said Lars. "He's a doer, not an atoner."

Despite Spitzer's refusal to call one single escort service home, several top Manhattan madams have already claimed the former Governor as their exclusive client. Mitzi Peyton, madam to New York City's rich and powerful for 25 years, insists that Spitzer "is mine and mine alone."

"Oh, please," stated Ms. Peyton. "Anyone can see I've got the best girls in the whole wide world. Just ask Eliot—he'll tell you, honey."