Spitzer Admits Controlling Media Makes It Difficult to Control Sexual Urges

Now that "the whole Sanchez situation" has been ironed out, Spitzer hopes to "find balance" on his new CNN show.

ORMER NEW YORK governor Eliot Spitzer, who premiered Monday evening with CNN's "Parker Spitzer" in the time slot once filled by Rick Sanchez, admitted to reporters that his media-controlling activities "have at times made it difficult for me to control the prostitution side of my life as well as I would like."

However, with Mr. Sanchez successfully booted off CNN, Spitzer said he hopes "to be able to dedicate more of my energies to entertaining and educating CNN's viewers, rather than returning to the life of a pampered client of a high-end call-girl service."

Spitzer, who expressed relief at having "the whole Sanchez situation" finally a fait accompli, said "most people don't understand the toll it takes on one to constantly control the media while still performing at least adequately in your day job. In my case, that job happened to be governing the state of New York."

The ex-governor went on to say that his "myriad media-controlling efforts" left little energy in his day "for controlling my male sexual urges," and therefore led to "the unfortunate expression of those urges in a less than controlled manner.

"Not that I'm blaming anyone but myself," Spitzer was quick to add. "I'm just saying, you can't control the media and a state government and your sexual urges without something having to give."

Spitzer expressed hope that he could "find balance" and concentrate on his co-hosting duties "now that Sanchez is out. And because I control the media," he added, "I also have considerable say in the CNN set design for our new show. It is no accident I'm sitting very close to my lovely co-host, Ms. Parker, and so far I've heard no complaints."

The one-time governor said his wife "has already been practicing standing by my side, stone-faced" just in case he should slip again, "but I would hardly characterize an innocent game of footsie as cause for concern."

However, to prevent another full-scale meltdown that would lead to what Spitzer calls "the uncontrolled consumption of ridiculously expensive prostitutes," CNN's newest star said he is "learning to delegate" his media-controlling activities.

"For example, to give myself a little hiatus, I've asked Jon Stewart to take on extra duties while I break into my new co-hosting job," explained Spitzer. "I know the media is in good hands with Jon controlling it."