Woman Says She'll Believe It When She Sees It

Claims not to be holding breath.

 MOTHER OF two from Peoria, Illinois, has informed family and friends alike that she is highly skeptical about the whole thing, although open to persuasion with the proper evidence.

"I'll believe it when I see it," said the woman, who wished not to be identified "because I'm not interested in getting my fifteen minutes over something that isn't even there."

"Not there yet, honey," said her husband. "My wife's the skeptic in the family," he explained.

"I'm not holding my breath," his wife added.

The Illinois native first came to the attention of Peoria's city council when she began picketing outside City Hall every Wednesday morning.

"At first it was just the one woman," said a councilman, "but now there's a little group of protesters with her."

Signs with messages like "Tell me another one" and "Yeah, right" are a common sight in front of City Hall since the group formed around the woman about six months ago.

Asked if she felt the protesters would get the ear of the city council, the feisty skeptic said, "I'll believe it when I see it."

In neighboring Bartonville, word has gotten around.

"We have a tradition in this state of stirring the pot," said a paralegal on her lunch break. "More power to her!"

Rumors that the woman has already seen it but not told anyone are, said one friend, "completely untrue. Believe me, she'd let me know. That woman doesn't hold anything back."

For her part, the Illinois native is not losing any sleep over the matter.

"I do my bit every Wednesday morning, and then I'm too busy the rest of the time to get all worked up," said the mother of two.

Asked if she thought the whole thing would eventually come to light, the woman replied, "Guess what I'm thinking right now."