Study Shows Increased Job Satisfaction with $12 Million Paycheck

Christina Aguilera "Voice" salary inspiration for study.

photo credit: ChristinaAguileraChina

ESEARCHERS have released the results of a groundbreaking study that demonstrated "phenomenally increased job satisfaction" if an employee is offered $12 million dollars for a few months' work.

The lead research psychologist said she got the idea for the study when it was announced that singer Christina Aguilera was considering returning as a judge for the hit show The Voice for a paycheck of $12 million.

"We wondered, 'How would people feel about their job if they were paid what Ms. Aguilera is reportedly being offered?'" said the researcher.

"It turns out they would feel pretty wonderful," she explained. "Apparently large sums of money can suddenly make any job extremely satisfying."

The study was administered online, allowing millions of participants to answer a brief questionnaire that took about five minutes to complete.

Close to 100 percent of the study's 2.5 million participants rated their current job as "the best darn job in the world" with a $12 million paycheck.

Job titles ran the gamut, from hotel chambermaid to college professor. The one job title most obviously missing from the compiled data, however, "was Wall Street Bank CEO," the researcher said. "Obviously, $12 million for them is going completely in the wrong direction."

One respondent, with the job title "Christina Aguilera," was the only person to rank a $12 million paycheck with the fourth highest rating, or "pretty satisfied, but holding out for more."