Telecomm Execs Overheard Admitting Your Call Is Not Important to Them

Embarrassment ensues.

USTOMERS ARE left doubting the sincerity of all on-hold messages from telecommunications companies since executives were recently overheard on a live mic admitting to one another that the statement "your call is important to us" was in fact not true.

At a recent gathering held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a mic inadvertently left on after a speech caught the candid exchange, which included colorful suggestions about what customers could do with their calls, what vigorous activities were better than calling, and what the customer could hold while holding.

Xfinity released a statement apologizing for its own executive's part in the conversation, and while not denying its veracity, did say "we stand ready to assist you, our valued customers, with any telecommunications issues, no matter how small, despite the fact that your call is not as important to us as we might have initially led you to believe. However, we do stand by our statement that your call will be answered in the order it was received."

A spokesman for AT&T said only "we cannot comment on random words overheard at a private gathering of telecommunications professionals" and "para Español, oprima dos."

Calls to AT &T, Xfinity, and Verizon headquarters were not returned, but test calls to each customer service number verified that the message in question was still heard in all three cases, although the hold music was much catchier.

T-Mobile was the only company to play a different on-hold message: "Your business is important to us. Please stay on the line while we await our merger with AT&T."