Donald Trump Names Carrie Prejean Default Winner of 'The Nude Apprentice'

The Donald says Prejean's vast sex-tape experience makes her "a natural."

N A RECENT Larry King broadcast, real-estate tycoon Donald Trump announced that the latest iteration of his popular series will be called The Nude Apprentice and will feature a slightly new format from previous Apprentice episodes.

"I've already picked the winner for this exciting new season," said Mr. Trump. "She is the lovely and talented ex-Miss California and secret-sex-tape star, Carrie Prejean."

The Donald told Larry King that The Nude Apprentice would do away with episodes in which multiple contestants competed to win weekly tasks.

"Instead," Trump explained, "Carrie will complete a nude task each week and then come to the boardroom for my tough but fair feedback. And George—you remember him, Larry—George has volunteered to return as my right-hand man in the boardroom. I think of it like this, Larry: Carrie is in a twelve-week training boot camp for her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the nude assistant on one of my exciting real-estate projects."

Mr. Trump went on to say that Ms. Prejean's prolific secret-sex-tape experience makes her "a natural" to be the first nude Apprentice.

"I think she'll be terrific," said Mr. Trump. "She really knows how to take her clothes off. She's done it hundreds of times. And, Larry, you know I love raw talent. They don't teach nudity at Harvard Business School, but you know what, Larry? Maybe after my new show airs they will."

Mr. King asked Trump about the possibility of future seasons of The Nude Apprentice, and whether previous winners from past seasons would be allowed to compete in the new format.

"What about past winner Joan Rivers, Donald?" asked Mr. King. "She's proven herself to you before."

Trump replied, "I love Joan. You know that, Larry. Joan Rivers is a winner. She won on my show, and that means she's a very tough lady. But seeing Joan nude would be a complete disaster."

"Well, then, what about Ivanka, Donald? You yourself have said that she is 'hot'."

"That's true, Larry, I did say Ivanka was hot. However, I don't think I want George giving feedback to my nude daughter in the boardroom. Don't get me wrong, Larry, George is a great guy. But, I've already thought about who would be great for season two, and I think we've got it all wrapped up."

"Well, Donald, do you want to make the exclusive announcement right here on my show?"

"Sure. I'm announcing here and now on Larry King Live that the winner of season two of The Nude Apprentice is: Shawn King. Your wife is really hot, Larry."