New Idol Judges: Katy Perry, Steve Perry, Steven Tyler, Tyler Perry

Ratings sure to be boosted by Ryan Seacrest's nervous breakdown.

RODUCERS of the troubled American Idol franchise say they have signed the "best new judges ever" to replace a panel that observers thought could never be topped.

Deciding to sweep out Randy Jackson along with Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres, Idol producers announced that the all-new panel for Season 10 will be singer Katy Perry, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, former Journey frontman Steve Perry, and actor/producer Tyler Perry.

"One name just led to another," said one producer. "We're not quite sure how that happened—it must be fate."

Answering criticism that Katy Perry is the only female judge among four, Executive Producer and Idol host Ryan Seacrest was quick to point out that Tyler Perry would be bringing his alter-ego, Ms. Mabel "Medea" Simmons, into the mix throughout Season 10.

"When a contestant's ass needs kicking to from here to Australia, Medea will be our gal," promised Seacrest.

Early rehearsals for the new judging panel are already in gear, so that chemistry among the judges can be given time to develop. However, some basic issues have arisen that were not anticipated, such as everyone standing up at the same time during introductions.

Ryan Seacrest was at a loss to explain the mix-up.

"These people are seasoned professionals, so I really don't know what the problem is," he said. "I think I need more money to deal with this new challenge."

The camera crew are also experiencing unusual difficulties focusing on the correct judge during mock song reviews.

Seacrest says he's "chalking it up to our staff getting to know our new judges," adding, "Perry's the one on the end."