'Metta World Peace' Changes Dog's Name to 'Betta Bow Wow'

Other teammates get into the act.

ON ARTEST, the Los Angeles Laker who just legally changed his own name to "Metta World Peace," is not stopping there. Mr. Peace has just filed a name change for his three-year-old Weimaraner, formerly known as "Jake" to what Peace calls "the name he was born to have before I stupidly named him 'Jake'." The new moniker, "Betta Bow Wow," is, according to Mr. Peace, "a true representation of BBW's inner dawg."

For his part, Betta Bow Wow is experiencing some adjustment issues, since as one dog trainer noted, "the dog formerly known as Jake is really just hearing vowel sounds. So where he once knew his name was something like "ay," his owner is now calling him with "eh-ah ow-ow." That is quite a lot to throw at a pooch, if you ask me."

Undeterred, Mr. Peace plans to enter Betta Bow Wow into his first dog show competition "where he can meet some nice bitches and show them his new style," said the proud owner.

Some of Metta World Peace's teammates are also getting into the act. Forward Lamar Odom has just changed his cockatoo's name from "Rodney" to "Mista Screech."

However, Odom was not quite as successful changing his neighbor's name from "Bob Perkins" to "That Lowdown Joe," having been informed by Mr. Perkins that one person could not legally change the name of another person without their consent.

"$#@*!", said Odom, who remains firm on renaming the street he lives on from "Delmore Avenue" to "Lamar Forevva Way."

"I think this is a matter for the City Council," said Bob Perkins.