Melania Trump Jobs Plan Will Hire 'Thousands' to Build Shoe Closets in White House

"I will need much room for my many gorgeous shoes," promises hopeful first lady.

October 02
photo credit: stacya

S DONALD TRUMP surges forward in his presidential bid, his wife Melania has proposed what her husband is calling "an amazing, beautiful, really amazingly good jobs plan."

Mrs. Trump says that in the first 100 days of her husband's presidency, she plans to jump start the economy by hiring "thousands of American workers" to build new closet space in the White House to accommodate her impressive shoe collection.

"I will need much room for my many gorgeous shoes," said Mrs. Trump. "I am sure there is not enough space now, in the While House closets, for these shoes. Therefore, I will hire many workers to build many closets for my shoes," she explained.

Details of the shoe-closet jobs program have yet to be ironed out, but Mrs. Trump says she will hire staff to interview suitable candidates, "as soon as my husband Donald, your president, is ready for me to begin my program of creating many jobs."

Mrs. Trump continued, "Also, I am hiring staff to interview workers, so that is another jobs program. I am creating even more jobs than I thought."

The first-lady hopeful described her shoe collection as, "very large and beautiful, from A to Z. From Manolo Blahnik to Giuseppe Zanotti. So actually it is from B to Z. It is very large and will need many closets. I think one closet will not be enough. A first lady must look her best at all times, so American workers will help the first lady, that is me, to look her best," smiled Mrs. Trump.

Donald Trump hailed his wife's job-creation plan as "frankly the best plan I've heard in a long, long time. And believe me, I've heard the best plans. The best plans. But this one, frankly, will be a huge success, and I'm very proud of Melania. She's not just beautiful, she's smart. I mean, she incredibly beautiful, but she is also really, amazingly smart."