White House Soon to Release Photos of Obama Admiring a Hummer

Efforts continue to put skepticism of presidential manliness to rest.

Projekt-Hummer Rims
photo credit via Wikimedia Commons

N THE HEELS OF recent photos released to the public showing President Barack Obama engaged in skeet shooting, the White House has decided the time is right to release additional photos of the President liking other manly things. The next pictures of Mr. Obama are said to depict the President unambiguously admiring a guest's Hummer parked outside the West Wing.

In one shot, the President is seen kicking the Hummer's left front tire and smiling broadly, while in another he is perched in the driver's seat with one hand on the steering wheel and the other poised and ready for a good horn honking.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters in yesterday's briefing, "Just as we laid to rest any doubts of the President's fondness for skeet shooting, so will we make his Hummer skeptics eat crow. Few men are capable of admiring a Hummer quite like President Obama, as you will soon see with your own eyes."

Insiders hint that in days to come yet more photos will be released to the press showing the President, for example, plainly enjoying hockey on his flat-screen television, getting a kick out of training Bo with a drill sergeant's whistle, and expertly grilling red meat only to rare or medium-rare on the White House lawn.

First Lady Michelle Obama is rumored to be seen in the background of some of the manly photos looking disapprovingly through a White House window, and holding her daughters close.

One reporter who had been shown the photos in advance described Mrs. Obama as "instinctively protecting her daughters from the potentially traumatic effects of witnessing their father's new fondness for manly pursuits. I've heard rumors the First Lady wants to send Sasha and Malia to boarding school until the President returns to his prior hobbies of reading novels and listening to Elton John."

Mr. Obama will be in Minnesota for a brief visit on Monday, during which he is scheduled to talk about his gun-control measures, but not before he stands out in the cold without a coat for several minutes and slaps Governor Mark Dayton on the back while drinking a Coke with lots of ice.