Lindsey Vonn Undergoes Concussion Testing on Rumors of Dating Tiger Woods

Olympic champion being closely watched for other erratic behaviors.

Lindsey Vonn
photo credit: nick step

PORTS-MEDICINE doctors for Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn confirm the athlete has completed the first of a series of concussion tests to rule out any lingering effects of her severe skiing crash during training for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Doctors are tight-lipped at this time, but are saying the "disturbing news" that Ms. Vonn may be dating Tiger Woods has led the sports-medicine team to "err on the side of caution" and confirm to their satisfaction that the ski champ "is not suffering from new symptoms arising from an old injury."

Initially Ms. Vonn's doctors had not considered her recent divorce as cause for concern, but now admit "the rumors that Lindsey may be dating Tiger Woods casts her previous actions in a whole new light."

Symptoms of brain trauma such as concussion include difficulty concentrating, sleeping more than usual, and, in females, accepting phone calls from Tiger Woods.

The lead physician on Lindsey’s team said the scenario in which Ms. Vonn moved beyond phone calls and into actually dating the pro golfer "would indicate we may have a much more serious brain injury on our hands.

“For now we are recommending to Lindsey that she limit herself to moderate daily activity and, at a minimum, caller id," he added.

Tiger Woods could not be reached for comment, but insiders say he is busily starting up a golf rehab camp for female athletes recovering from concussions.