Kim Kardashian Pre-Donates Next Wedding's Gifts to Charity

Proactive reality star isn't waiting to meet new man.

 FAMILY SPOKESWOMAN for the Kardashian family has confirmed that Kim Kardashian is not waiting for her second marriage to donate many of her future wedding gifts to charity.

"Even before Kim meets her second beau," began the spokeswoman, "and broadcasts wedding number two to great fanfare and then has it annulled shortly thereafter, Ms. Kardashian is pre-donating many of her fabulous gifts of the future to her favorite charities."

The spokeswoman called the almost-former Mrs. Humphries "America's most proactive donor of future wedding gifts" and "a role model" for young women "who know what they don't want almost right after they get it."

Kardashian's second wedding stash so far is estimated at a value of around $5 million, "give or take a carat" said the spokeswoman. It is thought the gifts up to this point will include twenty diamond tennis bracelets, a Porsche, a fully stocked walk-in shoe closet, and a pink pony with a ruby-encrusted saddle.

"Some of these items are on Kim's fantasy wish list," admitted the spokeswoman, "but she's a big girl now and doesn't expect to get absolutely everything she wants."

After reading a text message, the spokeswoman added, "Sorry, yes she does."

Lawyers for Ms. Kardashian have indicated that a few restrictions apply as to which of her second-wedding gifts the reality star will be allowed to donate to charity.

"So far, anything in our client's shoe size, as well as anything she can dangle from her wrist, or drive or trot on will, sadly, be off limits to charity," explained one attorney.

"However, that does at this point in time leave the walk-in closet, which is large enough to comfortably fit a family of four," the attorney added, "as long as that family is not the Kardashians."

Ms. Kardashian, currently visiting her first almost ex-hubby in Minnesota, was spotted outside his parent's home taking calls from new applicants. Although she would not speak directly about the donation announcement, she did tweet the following: "freezing my ultra hot ass off in minnesota! won't make that mistake again!!"