Katie Holmes Seen Jumping On And Off Multiple Couches Since Separation

Actress appears "so happy and free" according to source.

OLLOWING NEWS of the split-up between celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the now-separated actress has been sighted numerous times jumping on and off various couches at the homes of friends and associates, and even at a few restaurants, confirmed an unnamed source.

The source said Katie's friends don't wish to discourage her behavior "because everyone I've spoken to says they've never seen her looking so happy and free. As long as Katie takes her shoes off, no one really seems to mind the couch jumping," the source added.

Suri, the couple's six-year-old daughter, also appears to be getting into the act while shouting things like, "I want to jump like Mommy!" and "Daddy's friends want to jump with us, too!" referring to several men in black shades believed to be Scientology members who have been keeping a close eye on mother and daughter.

Ms. Holmes seems not to be bothered by their presence, however, laughing while jumping and giving them the finger when Suri isn't looking.

For his part, Tom Cruise is said not to be jumping on couches over the separation, although the actor has not jumped on or off any upholstered furniture since his famous incident on the Oprah show, when he announced his engagement to Katie Holmes.

"I suspect Tom's couch-jumping days are over," confided a close friend of the Rock of Ages actor.

"However, his days as an ATM for Scientology are quite secure," he said.