Kanye West Assails WikiLeaks for Abusing Him with Neglect

The ultra-sensitive artist strikes back.

INGER AND RAPPER Kanye West has temporarily suspended his promise not to "do press anymore" to lash out at WikiLeaks for what he calls "riding and riding the international leaks wave without coming to my defense."

West went on to say that WikiLeaks' director Julian Assange, by not mentioning the performer's new album "in one single post" showed "complete disrespect for me and my beautiful artistry."

Citing the resurgence "of all the messed-up emotions I felt when I was abused by Matt Lauer on the Today show," Kanye West has also tweeted that he "can't believe that Floppy-Haired Dude with the Nasty Website" could release thousands of pages of leaked government documents "without showing the world who I really am and how much George W. Bush misunderstood me."

The singer added, "I feel very ignored, very under appreciated, very not leaked, very misled, and very peculiar. Maybe it's all the damn sugar I had on my doughnut for breakfast, but I don't trust anyone but myself now to WikiLeak about Kanye."

Suspecting that Taylor Swift might have something to do with the WikiLeaks blackout, West also revealed that he had already written several songs for a new album to follow his latest release, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," with the working title "That Bitch's Dumb Ugly WikiLeaks Bribery."

When it comes time to publicize the new album, West swears he will not appear on the Today show "to be abused by Matt Lauer one more time."

However, the singer did say he would be happy to appear on The View "with the ladies" as long as they check for Taylor Swift under the furniture.