Jenna Jameson Donates 'Fully Equipped' Tour Bus to Romney Campaign

Reporters draw from lottery to get a coveted seat.

Jenna Jameson
photo credit: Thomas Hawk

ORMER PORN star and current Mitt Romney booster Jenna Jameson announced to reporters this morning that she has donated what she described as "a fully equipped" tour bus to the 2012 Romney for President campaign.

"I want Mitt and his staff to enjoy all the pleasures of home while they're traveling this great country," began Ms. Jameson.

"All the pleasures of my home, that is," the former porn star clarified.

Emblazoned along the sides of the tour bus in hot pink lettering is Ms. Jameson's recent, succinct endorsement of Mitt Romney:

When you're rich, you want a Republican in office.

"I believe in those words heart and soul," stated Ms. Jameson. "And a few other body parts, too."

During Q and A, one reporter asked the former porn actress what she would do if Mitt Romney turned down her offer of a tour bus, since there was no indication the Republican had sought the donation.

Jameson appeared puzzled by the question.

"I'm sorry, did you say something about a man turning me down? Could you rephrase that, please? I don't understand the question."

Ms. Jameson gave only a few hints as to what she meant by a "fully equipped" tour bus, but did reveal that the interior was decorated "with my two favorite colors: pink and leather."

She also told reporters there was "plenty of room for relaxation after a long day of campaigning. But I made sure to reserve enough room for discipline as well," she said.

Another reporter asked Jameson whether she thought Romney's wife, Ann, "would mind if her husband accepted a generous gift from a former porn star."

"Well of course she'd mind, honey," said Jameson. "You people ask some pretty crazy questions."

Ms. Jameson ended her remarks by stating that her donation to the Romney campaign was "no strings attached" except for one condition.

"All I ask is, let me hitch a ride to one or two of Mr. Romney's campaign stops and say hello to the crowd. And believe me," said Jameson, "I know how to please a crowd."