White House Mistakenly Releases Drone Footage Instead of Sarin Footage

Initial word from Obama administration is "Oops."

Jay Carney
photo credit: Talk Radio News Service

HE WHITE HOUSE found itself in awkward territory over the weekend when it discovered that the footage it had released to Congress and the media was not that of dead women and children from Syrian regime sarin attacks, but rather dead women and children from U.S. drone attacks.

An administration insider said the first word out of the Obama camp was "Oops."

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney elaborated on the administration snafu in a hastily arranged press briefing.

"We apologize for releasing unfortunate footage of the accidental results of a few U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan," began Mr. Carney. "That was clearly not our intention, just as it was not our intention to kill innocent women and children."

The Press Secretary admitted that the White House "had wished to sway Congress and the American people by releasing footage of the brutal results of what is sure to be the Assad regime's use of sarin gas on Syrian citizens."

Carney said that Americans "can simply disregard the mistaken footage and remain unswayed until the correct footage is released this week."

He added that comparisons between the U.S. drone deaths and Syrian sarin deaths "were an apples to oranges kind of thing."

"If I'm sitting at a cafe or attending a wedding and I know that at any moment an unmanned drone could come out of nowhere and blow me away, I would think, 'Hey, I'm not a terrorist. This isn't personal,'" explained the Press Secretary.

"But using sarin against my own people? Now that's something to be deeply swayed by, if you're the U.S. Congress or the American people. And voting for U.S. strikes against Syria would be an excellent way to show the President just exactly how much you've been swayed," hinted Mr. Carney.

The Press Secretary was asked whether drones might be used against Assad's regime.

"That is a possibility," said Mr. Carney. "But please remember, if any innocent civilians should be accidentally killed during the operation, it is totally nothing personal, and therefore nothing to be swayed by."