Michele Bachmann Featured on 'Intervention' for Addiction to Crazy Pills

Family tricks lawmaker by organizing fake picnic with God.

Michele Bachmann 2011 Shankbone 3
photo credit: david_shankbone

IEWERS OF THE hard-hitting A & E reality drama Intervention became privy to a more intimate and less flattering look at one of today's most controversial members of Congress, Republican and Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

The usually affable and gregarious Bachmann, who easily took her district in the midterms earlier this month with her winning combination of good looks and crazy talk, was seen crying and pulling her hair out when confronted by the stark fact that, as her daughter Caroline told her, "You're whacked-out on crazy pills, Mom, and you've got to stop!"

The congresswoman at first denied that she was taking crazy pills, saying, "I'm just like this naturally. Really. Now where's God? I wanted to brainstorm some ideas about repealing Obamacare."

But once confronted with a montage of her appearances on Fox and on the campaign trail, Bachmann broke down and cried, "God isn't coming, is he?! And how could you make me look at that?! Okay, okay, I'm taking crazy pills, but I can't help myself!!"

Bachmann then recounted the first time she took a crazy pill, and the immediate effect of freedom and excitement it brought her:

"I heard myself telling friends that I had talked to God the night before about running for Congress, and they loved it! I thought to myself, 'Maybe if I just take one crazy pill a day, I can get up the nerve to tell them that God answered me and then actually start a real campaign!' I didn't think I could keep up the crazy talk without a little help. Just one pill a day, that's all I was going to do. I swear, I swear!!"

At one point, Bachmann was seen trying to sneak a crazy pill into her mouth while faking a cough, but her daughter grabbed the pill out of her mouth and flushed it down the toilet.

Bachmann screamed at her daughter, "Do you have any idea how much crazy pills cost, you little brat?! Those aren't covered by our inadequate health insurance system, you know!! Oh my God, what am I saying?! Give me a crazy pill—now!!!"

Faced with losing her constituency and making sense for the first time in years, Bachmann broke down in sobs.

Producers of Intervention are defending the episode, saying in a statement that "seeing a prominent member of Congress admitting her addiction to crazy pills will undoubtedly save thousands of our viewers from going down the same nutty road. And if just one crazy-pill addict is convinced to seek help, our show's mission is fulfilled."