Chris Brown Says He's Only '30 to 40' Assaults Away from Self-Actualization

"It's a process," explains pugnacious artist.

Chris Brown 2012
photo credit: Eva Rinaldi

INGER AND community-service entrepreneur Chris Brown, who was arrested Sunday for another violent altercation, this time outside a club in Washington, D.C., told a reporter he was "only about 30 or 40" assaults away from his ultimate goal of self-actualization.

"It's a process," said the singer. "I can't just be, like, there without expelling my inner demons first," he explained. "And I can feel it, since I busted that guy's head on Sunday, that I've only got about 30 or 40 more heads left to bust."

The troubled singer, who admitted he has racked up enough community service to keep him busy for the rest of his lifetime "with plenty left over for the start of another lifetime," said he looks forward to the day "when I can just relax and enjoy my community service and not be plagued by the nagging desire to beat the crap out of someone."

And what does self-actualization look like for Chris Brown?

"That's a good question," the singer began. "Well, community service is definitely a big part of it," he said. "Then there's yoga, reading, traveling, and thinking about but not actually busting any heads. And maybe a little community service at the end of each day, just to stay grounded."

Parker Adams, the man allegedly assaulted by Brown in the Sunday-evening brawl, said his head was still hurting, but that he was "very pleased to hear that Chris is on his way toward self-actualization."

"I thought he was just busting my head," Adams said, "but now I know it was so much more."