New Callista Gingrich Doll Has Hair That Moves; Newt Orders Several

More life-like replica already appearing on campaign trail.

ATTEL INC., famous for its legendary Barbie doll, has just released a special edition "Callista" doll fashioned after Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's third wife. The candidate's election staff has reportedly ordered several dolls in various outfits to hit the campaign trail.

"We are pleased to offer this limited edition to the American public," a spokeswoman announced at a press conference on Monday, "and we are very proud of her close resemblance to the real Callista Gingrich," the spokeswoman went on to say. "However, we have added a special feature: our Callista has hair that moves!"

The moveable hair was designed to make the Callista doll "more lifelike than its prototype," and at only ten inches tall, "our 'Callista' can easily be transported from campaign stop to book signing," said the Mattel spokeswoman. "We are proud to confirm that a special order of Callistas has already arrived at Newt Gingrich's campaign headquarters!" she added.

Mr. Gingrich, campaigning heavily in South Carolina, would not comment on the Callista doll peeking out of the front pocket of his suit, but did say that his wife would "really enjoy not moving her arms or legs or hair at home instead of on the campaign trail.

"Bending my wife at the waist to sit her in a chair is about all we can do with her anyway," Gingrich continued, "so if I travel this great country with a doll that's ten inches tall with hair that moves, I think Americans will respond positively. The American people know what's real," said the Republican, "and hair that moves is real. Right?"

Handlers for the actual Callista Gingrich released a short statement immediately after the Mattel announcement.

"Mrs. Gingrich would like everyone to know how thrilled and honored she is that Mattel has produced an almost perfect 'Callista' doll," the statement read, "and she sincerely hopes that a new, improved Callista doll, whose hair does not move, will appear soon.

"Until that day," the brief statement concluded, "Mrs. Gingrich will continue to set the highest standard in movement-free coiffures."

Callista Gingrich, bent at the waist in a chair, could not be reached for further comment.