The Letter That Broke Open the Maria Butina Spy Case

U.S. Government court filings on alleged Russian spy Maria Butina included the following letter, translated here, among its numerous pieces of documentary evidence.

MARIA Butina
photo credit: Ruperto Miller/public domain

EAREST little sister,

I am sending this communique by courier. Therefore, who will read it but you? I am sure no one else. How clever is our mother to insist upon this method, myshka!

Tell me, did you receive funds through international wire transfer? Amount is $3,500 U.S. dollars, as Mother requested. You will not believe it, my dear sister, but I, Maria, slept once again with the slovenly [U.S. Person 1] simply to obtain these funds for our mother's fur collection! I will do anything for her.

How is our mother? How is our father? I have but one additional question for you, my dear myshka—can you provide name of alternative American I may have sex with to obtain knowledge of secret furs our mother is wishing to procure?

Although I am very busy having sex with [U.S. Person 1], I also must tolerate his stinking breaths! He smokes cigarettes of cheapest American variety! Not highest quality Russian tobacco, which I offer him on many occasions.

Our mother's requirements are most challenging, myshka, but I am here for her, always! I await instructions from her. I send kisses to her!

Do not worry about me while I am waiting, dear little sister. I am very busy. Just as our mother has asked, I also have offered sex with [U.S. Person 2] in hopes of invitation to special interest fur club. He has not yet replied, dearest sibling, but I will notify by your favored means immediately upon learning of his desire for sex.

All my love to our mother and father. And to you, my little sister, I remain,

Your loving Maria

P.S. [U.S. Person 1] and I received visit from FBI regarding furs. But tell Mother I am more silent to FBI than her beloved deceased Labrador!