Wolf Blitzer Announces His Engagement to 'The Best Political Team on Television'

Until salary negotiations do they part.

photo credit: studio08denver

NN'S SITUATION ROOM host, Wolf Blitzer, often heard extolling the virtues of "the best political team on television," announced on yesterday's broadcast that he would be tying the knot with his love of the last several years.

"As you know," began Blitzer, "you're in The Situation Room. And I'm announcing here and now that I intend to spend the rest of my life with the best political team on television. John King, what have you got for us? What are people saying about this fantastic news?"

John King, CNN's Chief National Correspondent, replied, "Well, Wolf, you've kind of taken me by surprise here. I mean, you're a great guy and a top-notch host, but I'm not sure how I feel about spending the rest of my life with you, buddy. No offense."

"No offense taken. Thank you, John King, for that excellent report. Just part of the fine news gathering you'll continue to get here on CNN from the best political team on television. Let me add that, although I deeply admire John King, he isn't alone. There is, of course, Paul Begala and Gloria Borger and Dana Bash, to mention only a few. I'll be marrying ALL of our brilliant reporters right here in The Situation Room. Let's go to Dana Bash in Washington. She's at the White House. Dana, tell our viewers what the White House is saying about this truly amazing news."

"Good afternoon, Wolf. Well, the White House as you might imagine is pretty stunned, and the Press Office is hastily putting together a statement as we speak. I might add that I can honestly say I don't know how the Obama transition team is going to handle this. Wolf, should I wear white?"

"Thank you, Dana Bash for that insightful, amusing report. That's our own Dana Bash, part of the best political team on television, reporting tonight from Washington. And let me say, Dana, that I'm sure you would look very, very nice in any color, including white."

CNN confirmed that Mr. Blizter and the best political team on television were planning a private ceremony on Larry King Live.