Justin Bieber Praises JFK's 'Ich Bin Ein Belieber' Speech

"That dude was way ahead of his time," says singer.

Justin Bieber Looking into Mirror
photo credit: On Being

OON AFTER visiting Anne Franks' house in Amsterdam, 19-year-old pop singer Justin Bieber traveled to Berlin to visit the site where President Kennedy gave his now-historic speech to an adoring crowd in 1963.

On Berlin's Facebook page, Bieber thanked President Kennedy "for giving that awesome 'Ich Bin Ein Belieber' speech. That dude was way ahead of his time, for sure," wrote the pop star.

Bieber expanded his thoughts on Twitter, wondering if Kennedy's first name "was Justin, like mine," and wishing he could have given the President "a free concert at the White House, but sadly he was killed before I became the hottest pop star in the world."

The singer also praised Kennedy's fashion sense, writing, "He really rocked the GQ look, which I'll be old enough to wear soon. Wish we could swap threads. Oh well, RIP Mr. President! ;-)"

The singer also announced on Twitter that a new album is in the works, inspired by his travels through the Netherlands and Germany.

"I wanted to write about why those places turn me on, and why I turn on those places," explained the pop star.

Bieber's new album, whose working title is Ich Bin Justin Bieber, includes his usual upbeat tunes, but also features a touching remembrance of Anne Frank "and how sad it was that she couldn't just live a normal life, and write me for an autograph or beg me to marry her.

"It really moved me to be in her house," the singer continued, "and to see that there were no posters of me on her wall."

President Kennedy is also remembered in the new release. In a song entitled "JFK and me," Bieber imagines visiting Kennedy by means of a time machine.

"I hang out with him, and we wonder if I'll be a famous pop star like I am now, or whether he will be tragically killed before he can prevent evil forces from destroying YouTube.

"I guess I'm growing as an artist, is what I'm trying to say," the singer concluded. "And I'll bet touring in Amsterdam and Berlin had a lot to do with it. Thanks, Anne Frank!! Thanks, JFK!!"