Biden Consults with Big Bird for Thursday's VEEP Debate

"Sesame Street" star offers plenty of pointers in light of Obama's big fail.

Sesame Place
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N PREPARATION FOR the Vice-Presidential debate tomorrow evening, sources have confirmed that Vice President Joe Biden is in frequent consultations with Big Bird, veteran star of Sesame Street and a flash point of controversy during last week's Presidential debate.

One source indicated it was Big Bird's highly praised recent appearance on Saturday Night Live that convinced Mr. Biden's staff "that the big yellow guy might have a thing or two to offer the Vice President to make sure he doesn't mess up like the President did."

Biden, characterized as a man prone to gaffes, is said to have resisted Big Bird's help at first, claiming the feathered television star "was just a giant yellow bird costume with some guy inside."

"But then Biden actually met Big Bird for about an hour," said the source, "during which Biden said at least three inappropriate things, whereas Big Bird stayed perfectly on message.

The Sesame Street character's ability to remain unruffled during tough questioning convinced Vice President Biden "that he could really use the yellow guy's coaching," the source confirmed.

A staffer present at one of the consultations said Big Bird also advised Mr. Biden on how to push through feelings of listlessness, noting that this was one of President Obama's crucial failings.

"He said to Biden, 'Sing the a-b-c's along with me, Mr. Vice President!'" the staffer recalled.

Biden politely declined, but the staffer said that "just having a big yellow bird following him around the room" got Biden "pumped and ready to go another round."

According to a Sesame Street publicist, Big Bird was "helping Elmo with his homework" and could not be reached for comment.