Back-to-School Child Model Admits Her Smiles Are Fake

Confesses to wishing summer vacation would never end.

EN-YEAR-OLD child model Madison Frawley, speaking candidly in an interview for her best friend's e-zine, admitted that her smiles and apparent light-hearted attitude in ads for back-to-school apparel "are completely fake, and not just because I'm a model."

The pre-teen admitted openly that she was "really bummed" about returning to school in a few days, even though her photo shoots for back-to-school clothes depict a happy girl, smiling broadly, and in some shots even jumping up in the air in apparent glee.

"All fake," confirmed Madison. "I so do not want to start the fifth grade. One teacher I'm going to have, Mr. Plenke, is supposed to suck."

Madison goes on to say she "feels terrible" about setting kids' expectations too high, but insists that her agency "would have a nervous breakdown" if she were not able to look delighted to be returning to school.

"It's their bread and butter," said the child model, "so I've got to deliver. Also, my parents would kill me, because they're saving the money I earn for my college fund in like a hundred years or something."

Admitting in the article that what she really wants "is for summer vacation to go on forever," Madison assured the public that all of her happy summertime photo shoots "are completely real. I am not faking it whatsoever. Because I am really into summer. Duh."

Looking back wistfully to when she began modeling at age five, Madison fondly recalled one photo shoot in which she was smiling at a bowl of Washington red apples.

"That was for real," Madison said. "Those were the funner days, before my stupid brother was born. Now, if you said 'smile at the shiny red apples' I'd probably have to pretend. Sorry, people, but that's reality for a person my age."

To close the interview, Madison was asked what advice she might give to a boy or girl her age who was interested in modeling.

"I would say, practice smiling in the mirror when you've had a hellacious day at school, like after a teacher yelled at you, or a friend acted like a total creep. When you can do that without looking like a complete troll, then you should do really well at your auditions."