Lance Armstrong May Also Admit Not Being Too Keen on Sheryl Crow Music

Potential doping admission loosens disgraced champ's tongue.

Lance Armstrong
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NSIDERS CLOSE to Lance Armstrong say the ex-champion biker may admit to more than just doping in the coming days or weeks.

"I've heard Lance might also admit he was never too crazy about Sheryl Crow's songs," said an anonymous source.

Armstrong has reportedly stated of his former girlfriend's music, "Eh. Nothing to write home about," among other less-than-stellar assessments of the pop singer's material.

Friends close to the singer-songwriter say the story is not so much that Lance Armstrong doesn't care for Ms. Crow's music.

"He can't carry a tune to save his life," said one Crow confidant. "I wouldn't like Sheryl's songs either if I couldn't sing them worth a damn."

To blunt his criticisms of Sheryl Crow a bit, Armstrong is said to be thinking of tying the doping together with his musical tastes, to claim, as one insider said, "if he weren't high as a kite most of the time, he might have enjoyed her songs more."

Some think the tactic might hold water, considering Armstrong has also been heard calling The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album "one hot mess," and Schubert's Unfinished Symphony "totally finished, if you ask me."

Crow is said to be in the midst of recording her latest release, which is rumored to feature a remake of one of her most popular tunes, re-titled "My Least Favorite Mistake."