President Obama Accidentally Gives the Finger to Speaker Boehner

Plus more slip-ups in Washington.

Obama meets with Congressional Leadership July 2011
photo credit: via Wikimedia Commons

N A REMARKABLE coincidence, only two days after a Greek footballer accidentally gave the Nazi salute, President Barack Obama accidentally gave House Speaker John Boehner the finger.

"Is that what that finger means?" Mr. Obama asked when a reporter brought the gesture to his attention during the President's morning meeting with Congressional leaders.

"Heck, I was just pointing to this graph. Honest mistake. I'm sorry, John," said the President.

Speaker Boehner as usual appeared to tear up a little, but continued with the meeting, accidentally knocking the President's chair just as Mr. Obama was putting a cup of hot coffee to his lips.

Part of the morning's discussion pertained to Congressman Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) latest budget proposal, which once again accidentally transfers Medicare money to rich people.

Said Mr. Ryan, "If that's in there, that is totally unintentional. Why would anyone purposely defund a program average Americans have been paying into all their working lives? That person, not me, would have to be a total putz. So I will get in there and change it right away," he promised.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) used her time during the meeting to remind President Obama that no Wall Street CEOs had yet been prosecuted for the loss of $8 trillion of housing wealth under their willful mismanagement. However, the senator was accidentally locked out of the room after a bathroom break, and could not continue with her comments.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken broke the growing tension in the room by displaying his well-known skill of drawing the map of the United States completely from memory. However, he accidentally drew Wisconsin in the shape of a horse's ass.

"Now how the heck did that happen?" said Franken. "That was a total mistake."

In other unintended moves on Capitol Hill, Congress accidentally left out the assault rifle ban from its new gun legislation. The oversight was thought to be related to members such as Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) accidentally taking money from the gun lobby.