Advice from Your Cyber Bunny of the Month

... rednead in 'LBD'
photo credit: x-ray delta one

I EVERYONE! I'm Brianna, Playboy's Cyber Bunny of the Month, and I'm really looking forward to helping you with your questions about love, sex, relationships, and anything else you have on your mind! My turn-ons are massages (getting AND giving!), buying cute new outfits for my cat, Mrs. Growl, and meeting fun new people! My turn-offs are cruelty to animals (especially cats!!), women who let themselves go, and lima beans —ugh!!

Dear Cyber Bunny,

I need your advice with a problem I'm having at work. I think I'm a pretty easy-going guy, but I don't get along too good with this one coworker, who kind of pushes his weight around. How do you think I should handle this? Should I talk to him or should I tell my foreman? Thanks. Stan

Hi Stan! I can relate to your icky problem with coworkers! I was a waitress at Hooters for three whole months until someone faxed my nude pictures to Mr. Hugh Hefner. Now I love my new job helping people like you! Me and the other girls get along just great! We go swimming a lot at Hef's mansion, so maybe you could go in for some group sport with your coworkers. It's so relaxing, and then we have a massage! Good luck, Stan!!

Dear Cyber Bunny,

I'm a 21-year old secretary, and there's this really hot guy named Josh who works one department over from mine. People say I'm pretty, but Josh doesn't seem to notice me much when we run into each other in the hallway. Do you have any suggestions about how to get his attention? Thanks, and congrats for making Cyber Bunny of the month! Caitlyn

Thanks Caitlyn!! I am honored that Hef chose me to be a Cyber Bunny, and I hope one day to be a real Playmate, like my mother was in 1982! As far as getting Josh's attention, have you tried bending over? That always works for me. Good luck, Caitlyn!!

Dear Cyber Bunny,

My wife left me after 23 years of marriage, and I'm trying to get back into the dating scene. I'm pretty youthful looking, and would like to date someone around your age. What do girls like these days? Help me out, Cyber Bunny! Phil

Hi Phil! I know from dating Hef that age is not a factor. I hear some people say that Hef is old enough to be my grandfather, but that's just a label!

I'm an old-fashioned girl, so I like a man to take me out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and make me feel special by hiding diamonds or other precious gems in my dessert. I think if you do those two things, you should do great! Good luck, Phil!!

Dear Cyber Bunny,

My girlfriend is jealous of you and the other bunnies, but I tell her hey, I'm just looking! You're a chick—what advice can you give my girlfriend to keep her from getting all bent out of shape? And I'm sure you are really hot, which ever Cyber Babe I get. Ronnie

Thanks for the compliment, Ronnie! If you click on my name, that will take you to my pictorial page!

I think your girlfriend is just insecure. Like my mom always says, "Brianna, a smile is your umbrella." Good luck, Ronnie!

Dear Cyber Bunny,

Since I am at least 18 years of age, I want to ask you over sometime, maybe for pizza. I'm sure I could score some beer, too. That would be no problem whatsoever. Any Friday night after 6:00 would be great, because my parents go out to dinner then. Since I am at least 18 years of age, naturally I can stay in the house by myself and drink beer. What movies do you like? Nathan

Hi Nathan! That is so nice of you to ask me over! However, I do have a boyfriend, and the only other man he lets me go out with is Mr. Hefner. But thanks for asking, and I hope you find someone really nice to have pizza with!

P.S. I don't drink beer, but you go ahead!